Our goal is to give you the proper foundation for entering the capoeira community. The Capoeira Brasil Hartford will introduce you to the art of Capoeira: an exciting and original experience that uniquely combines martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music. Capoeira is not only a form of exercise, it is a rich and multidimensional art that builds community, teaches language and immerses you in a vibrant culture.

What You Will Learn:

The classes focus on, the fundamental movements of Capoeira from proper defense, kicks and capoeira movements. You will be able to sing Capoeira songs and play instruments traditional to the art of capoeira. You will learn stretches and conditioning that will improve your capoeira skills and overall health.


First Adult Class is free at The Cage. Drop in is $10 if are not a CT Cage Member.

Ask for the option of 10 class card $100.

Location and Schedule:

Tuesday Saturday Location
Adult & Teens (11+)  6:30 - 7:30 pm   CT Cage
712 Brook St
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
CT Cage
Adult & Teens (11+)    10:00 - 11:00 am CT Cage
712 Brook St
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
CT Cage
Class Warm up Capoeira Brasil Hartford


  • Greet participants upon arriving and leaving the class, not only the instructor but everyone
  • Please arrive on time, and stay for the full duration of the class
  • If you will be later or must leave early, it is advised that you call or text the teacher
  • Proper hygiene is expected. Make sure your uniform or cloth is clean and fresh.
  • Please maintain trimmed finger and toe nails


  • Wear comfortable workout / sweat pants (no shorts)
  • Please wear plain white t-shirt
  • Take off your shoes before stepping on the training room floor
  • Remove all jewelry to prevent injury to self and others
  • After the first month of training, students will be required to purchased a uniform