We currently offer all level adult Capoeira classes, ages sixteen and over and weekly children's classes, ages three through fifteen. Our classes are based in Rocky Hill, Hartford and are beginner friendly, giving each beginner special attention.

Class begins with a warm-up which is essential to our training, and combine stretching, workout, and basic Capoeira moves. The warm-up lasts approximaly 30 minutes. Sequences are then strategically introduced to help students build a solid base and good technique. Throughout class students perform various reaction drills in pairs. These drills are taught to help you build your interaction with other players, and to hone your offense, defense, and general reflexes by combining all basic elements of Capoeira. As you advance you will develop a solid base in Capoeira techniques as well as a strong, fit body.

Any class will be able to accomodate beginners. For your first class we recommend loose pants and a t-shirt, clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Shoes are not required for the class, and we prefer no shoes. If shoes are needed, thin soled sneakers works best. If you are already a capoerista, please come with your uniform.

Every class features at least one "Roda" or circle, in which each capoerista uses what he or she has learned during class. The Roda is the most exciting element of Capoeira. Every single capoeirista in the room provides their energy - whether it be singing, dancing, playing instruments or playing the game. This means your first class gives you a full taste of what is to come and allows you to decide if Capoeira is for you. If you like dance, acrobatics and martial arts, you will really love Capoeira, which is a combination of it all. It is good to remember that Capoeira is for everyone! In our class, you will find many different people - men, women, kids, parents, grandfathers, and people of every culture.

Capoeira Class - Capoeira Brasil Hartford

New to Capoeira?

If you like dance, acrobatics and martial arts, you will really love Capoeira, which is a combination of it all. Capoeira will increase your flexibility, strength and agility and it will also align your mind, body and soul. Our classes are beginners friendly, in every class we work on basics that includes stretching, conditioning, capoeira basic movements, instruments playing, singing and playing Capoeira. More Info

Capoeira Class Capoeira Brasil Hartford